Eastpak Present "City Vibe"

Honolulu, Hawaii



Analog Photographer


If ever you lose faith in humanity, go take a trip to Honolulu to see Brennen. A native of Maui, this guy likes to subtly photograph everybody who passes his way, be it strangers or his old friends, using a soft silver analog that totally defines his personality. Those who know him will tell you that it’s almost impossible to hate him because he’s such a polite person who communicates his passion so freely to others. An adept of film-based photography, he recently decided to make his dreams come true and headed towards the North American continent on a road trip with no particular aim or purpose. So if you see him somewhere, anywhere, with his trusty Konica on his shoulder, please go up say hi,don’t be shy, he’ll restore any faith you ever lost in humanity, that’s for sure.

Presentation picture by Sebastien Zanella

All pICTURES below by Brennen Cunningham




Originally from the island of Maui, Brennen grew up surrounded by natural beauty. Taking this eye for the natural world and translating it into other realms of work such as fashion and lifestyle photography have created his unique and interesting perspective. Working solely with 35mm and 120mm film, Brennen enjoys capturing timeless landscapes as well as the vibrant youthful happenings that constantly surround him.

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More about Brennen on http://www.pirateeyes.com