Postcard from Home

I didn´t expect it to hit me this hard. Since I moved to this land of fjords and mountains and unforgiving coldwater surfing a long time ago, there has never been any looking back.  But Norway is not always easy on you. The ocean decides. You will never tame it. It will spit you out and leave you shivering for a long time. But you keep coming back for more.
I don´t want to come in for a quick visit, or even a long visit. I don´t want to write postcards from here. After the first time I came here I knew I had to live here. So I live here. And my photographs are my postcards in a way. But I do believe that the most important moments are the ones between the photographs you take, and I feel that living somewhere extraordinary like on the rugged westcoast of Norway, gives me the energy and inspiration to venture out and search for situations where nature works the man in a way.
It´s good to be worked every now and then. It keeps you young. Or at least it keeps you from growing old.

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Please Meet, Alexandre Peneau

I'm Alex, a 22 years old film documentary director and photographer in the making. I bought my first camera with my first salary when I was younger and then I started to shoot the only thing which gave me inspiration : nature. I come from the south west of France, so it's easy for me to spend the most of my time between oceans and moutains meeting peoples who live in. My work is to tell thoses people's stories. I founded a collective (Barrel Vision) during my studies with friends who share the same inspirations with me.

Alexandre Peneau

Please meet Lenny by Milosz

I'm 24 years old guy from a small city called Zakopane in mountains in Poland. Now based in Warsaw. I started my adventure whith photography about 3 years ago, and now i cant imagine my life without it. My passion turned into job which i really love. Being a professional skier and skateboarder for years now gave me i think unique vision of the world which i can express as subjective intrepretation of reality.
Kamil Rozwadowski aka Lenny Valentino, in my opinion a true skateboarder, always carrying his atribute.Travelling and dedicating his whole life to this piece of wood. Lenny comes from east side of Poland and is 25 years old. We have met at some skate contest.
after moving in to Warsaw, we are spending a lot of time together on skateboard. Lenny is also a model with some model agency in Warsaw, so we decided to do some project in Paris.
We have spent there a week doing some funny stuff, travelling the city all around by skateboards and just having a good time chilling.

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~ Disclosed ~ is Letty Mortensen's showcase for ION using the south coast of Australia as the psychedelic backdrop to this short film. "With this edit I wanna get viewers psyched to go surfing, this in mind, I kinda just wanted to get barrelled and go large because that’s what I like to watch and not in perfect waves because that’s just unrealistic for a lot of people… and me." - Letty Mortensen Director & Editor - Jay Grant Cinematography - Dave Fox & Jay Grant Additional Footage - Andrew Kaineder Music - Requiem For Juicy by The Entrance Band

Please meet, Mark McInnis.

Mark McInnis is a photographer working chiefly in America’s Pacific Northwest.

He’s known for bringing the natural beauty of the country’s upper left-hand corner to a wide range of clients and projects; with decades invested in the region Mark delivers the moods, emotions and landscapes of the Pacific frontier in a way few others can.

His work shows the character of a still-unspoiled American territory, out of respect for which his subjects are unlabeled, tracks are covered and he mostly travels alone.

Please meet, Carles

Carles Medina is not your average photographer, first because is not. He is an architect from Barcelona, and that explains a lot of things: The fact that he prefers shooting in analog, with his favourite tool a Yashica T5, and the fact that he sees the world with a different eye than most people.

His interest in buildings and architecture helps him to build his sense of aesthetic. But lately, his eye went in a different direction, or horizon we should say:  the ocean. Barcelona lately, have been pretty active in the surf scene, which is unusual when we know the small potential of surf there. But the mixture of the life of this city, and the skate vibe, gives it a unique touch to anybody who chooses the “sea” way there. Because there, like every big city with a small swell, we “really” choose surfing, as a way of living, as a way to see the world. Carles like most of the young people from Barcelona, got his roots from skateboarding, so the surf for him, is far away from the performance and contest industry, is all about sharing good moment with his friends. And if we want to be sure of this, just ask to him what is the happiness for him: “a fresh Corona at sunset, after a good surf session with good friends”.

So, Carles Medina is definitely not your average photographer. And we hope that one day he will reach his goals to have “A house with a big garden in front of any beach” Why? “To make bbqs!” Simply.

Brother of the weird

Our good pal Gabriel Novis, has always been in the side of the industry, and that's why we love him so much. Everything he do , he do it differently. With his first long film "Sorria", the brasilian filmmaker, bring to us a fresh vision of surfing, and that's why , we need to help him for is second film ; here the speech ;



Join us and discover the new photo exhibition from SAM PARTAIX at by Walski concept store in Shoreditch, London. .

Sam is one of the most influential skateboarders of his generation. Born in Paris in 1987, he grew up in Tours where he ran a skateshop with his mother called Skateboard Pistols. As a veteran skater for 15 years, he’s travelled all over the world in search of new spots.

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Hossegor by The New New Adventurer Club

The New New Adventurer Club is a crew of photographers from Hossegor, France who explore the world each with a different approach, looking for local inspiration everywhere, and magical moments to share. Since 3 years now, they’ve seen countless magical places, and met incredible people to share perfect moments. Marie-laure Daillut, is one of them. Hyper creative, a free spirit and world traveler. From Australia to Hawaii, Amsterdam to NYC, Marie-laure, knows how to find the perfect spot to be outdoors, enjoy a cold beer and admire a sunset. Though she’s been all around the world, her favorite place is her home town, Hossegor.

We asked her to share with us, what inspires her most about this place and her favorite moments in this surf town in the South of France.


“Hossegor, It’s the perfect place to spend a weekend and explore the French coast.  You can have it all here – a medley of the French lifestyle, delicious food, the proximity with nature (endless coast and forest), and the most perfect beach break you will find in Europe for surfing. And in Summer, the sun sets is around 9/10 pm, so you can have a full day of activity and then share a sunset with your friends and a Corona. Autumn is also a perfect time to discover this part of France. The forest is the most beautiful during this period, and waves are pumping everyday.



Here are a few of my favorite moments in Hossegor:

- Get lost in the tiny center of Hossegor, on a sunny morning , taking a brunch with my friend, and planning the day with them

- Celebrating the beginning of summer with friends at a picnic by the lake of Hossegor.

- A little walk to the beach at Les Casernes to make a bonfire, enjoy a not so crowded sunset

-        Walking thourgh the forest, on early september, to see the forest turning red

-        When the low tide fit with the sunset, and you can enjoy small waves with your longboard, and the perfect light.

-        At 3pm , when the sun is high, and the only way to escape to him, it’s to be hide behind a beach umbrella, and enjoying a really fresh corona .

-        In summer, When you can sleep late, because you know that the sun is not gonna leave soon.


Nixon x Liberty of London

Featuring Nixon surfer & model Justine Mauvin, the short movie celebrates the launch of the Nixon x Liberty of London collaboration, where high street meets high tide.

Debuting this fall, the collaboration blends the relaxed vibe of the Southern California lifestyle that is engrained in Nixon's DNA with British fashion heritage. Limited to 100 pieces, the Nixon x Liberty Time Teller will be exclusively available in Liberty's emblematic store in Great Marlborough Street and on on October 10,2016.

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Written & Directed by Sebastien Zanella
Starring Justine Mauvin
Produced by Nixon
Music by Lucas Lecacheur
Location : Hotel Regina / Biarritz