Yardsale x Dickies

Legendary American workwear brand Dickies have teamed up with London's skater owned brand Yardsale, to produce a collaborative two piece for this year's Fall/Winter season. You can shop the collection directly from Yardsale HERE.

Check out the Hi8 mix below featuring Jake Church, Curtis Pearl, Darius Trabalza, Sam Roberts and Sebastian Tabe.

Pacific Palisades

In anticipation for their next release, Pacific Palisades have made their previous video available online for free. 

Led by London based filmmaker Joshua Church, the home-video style documentary chronicles the beginnings of YARDSALE and captures a group of British skaters fleeing their native winter blues and immersing themselves in LA youth culture. 

Featuring Darius Trabalza, Curtis Pearl, David Bowens, Jason Landau and Jhian Namei Taro