Hossegor by The New New Adventurer Club

The New New Adventurer Club is a crew of photographers from Hossegor, France who explore the world each with a different approach, looking for local inspiration everywhere, and magical moments to share. Since 3 years now, they’ve seen countless magical places, and met incredible people to share perfect moments. Marie-laure Daillut, is one of them. Hyper creative, a free spirit and world traveler. From Australia to Hawaii, Amsterdam to NYC, Marie-laure, knows how to find the perfect spot to be outdoors, enjoy a cold beer and admire a sunset. Though she’s been all around the world, her favorite place is her home town, Hossegor.

We asked her to share with us, what inspires her most about this place and her favorite moments in this surf town in the South of France.


“Hossegor, It’s the perfect place to spend a weekend and explore the French coast.  You can have it all here – a medley of the French lifestyle, delicious food, the proximity with nature (endless coast and forest), and the most perfect beach break you will find in Europe for surfing. And in Summer, the sun sets is around 9/10 pm, so you can have a full day of activity and then share a sunset with your friends and a Corona. Autumn is also a perfect time to discover this part of France. The forest is the most beautiful during this period, and waves are pumping everyday.



Here are a few of my favorite moments in Hossegor:

- Get lost in the tiny center of Hossegor, on a sunny morning , taking a brunch with my friend, and planning the day with them

- Celebrating the beginning of summer with friends at a picnic by the lake of Hossegor.

- A little walk to the beach at Les Casernes to make a bonfire, enjoy a not so crowded sunset

-        Walking thourgh the forest, on early september, to see the forest turning red

-        When the low tide fit with the sunset, and you can enjoy small waves with your longboard, and the perfect light.

-        At 3pm , when the sun is high, and the only way to escape to him, it’s to be hide behind a beach umbrella, and enjoying a really fresh corona .

-        In summer, When you can sleep late, because you know that the sun is not gonna leave soon.


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