Canary Islands Surf Film Award

The “Canary Islands Surf Film Award” is a unique opportunity to show, in an audiovisual project, the diversity and passion of the riders from all over the world who gather in the Canary Islands thanks to the magical conditions.

Passion for the environment, the influence of the Trade Winds, waves born on the ocean floor and rich biodiversity make these seven paradisiacal islands into the ideal location for the world’s top photography, film and advertising directors in the surf, windsurf, kitesurf and bodyboard world.

Turismo de Canarias is taking advantage of this fame to announce the winner of it’s valued prize during the Canarias Surf Film Festival 2016. With two successful editions in the can and over 80 films shown, the Canarias Surf Film Festival is the ideal event to host the award.

50,000 reasons why this isn’t just any old contest; 50, 000 advantages to filming in paradise, 50,000 different waves you’ll catch in these seas and 50,000 breaths of fresh air. And, let’s not forget the 50,000 euro prize for the best audiovisual portrait of what the Canary Islands have to offer. Enter and win, and 50,000€ are yours.

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