Fabiano Rodrigues X Akira Shiroma - For Adidas Superstar - "RATSREPUS"

The present video is part of the exhibition RATSREPUS, from Fabiano Rodrigues and Akira Shiroma, in Rio de Janeiro. A skateboard and contemporary art project commissioned by adidas originals, curated by Lucas Ribeiro, which is part of a global campaign for the superstar model, aiming the implosion of the concept of what is a "superstar".

Fabiano is a former professional skateboarder, known today as contemporary artist. Akira is a future contemporary artist, known today as a professional skateboarder. They inspire and influence each other, working together on different projects. From Fabiano's obsession with Superman, came the connection with the character Bizarro, this enemy from a parallel universe where everything is inverted, strange and pointless.

Imagine two skateboard superstars in Bizarro's world. They move in a different way, wearing strange and elegant costumes, and they are headless. Cidade das Artes, the monumental architectural project in Barra neighborhood, became the ideal ghost zone for the production. The videos and photos from the performance sessions developed into a video piece, with soundtrack also composed by Fabiano, a series of collages, a zine, and a t-shirt for people without a head.