LATRAAC Transition Skateboarding Kerameikos

If you follow us on Twitter you may have seen us mention this over the past few weeks. 

LATRAAC is a design initiative transforming a derelict space in the historical Kerameikos area of downtown Athens though transition skateboarding, digital fabrication and urban gardening. LATRAAC will generate revenue through a garden tea house and host arts and crafts events as well as workshops and an artists residency program.

It's the first bowl in downtown Athens with a 2.3m vert section and 4m wall ride as well as more mellow transitions providing a space for sessions as well as events. LATRAAC has approached bowl design from a new direction facilitated by digital fabrication, resulting in a unique "vertical component" intuitive design approaching geometric perfection. Kerameikos history dates back to classical antiquity and is boiling with tradition and electric cultural diversity making an ideal home for transition skateboarding in Athens. It will also provide a lush green inner city space as  through urban gardening using local varieties of plants.

The project is almost complete and has been privately funded so far. There is currently a crowd-funding campaign on Indiegogo to cover final costs so LATRAAC can be operational for the Athens summer. Already endorsed by Tony Hawk & Tony Guerrero, the crowd funding currently has 10 days left so spread the word and help Athens get the bowl they need!

You can also follow LATRAAC on Instagram right here.