SEESALT - Daniel Russo - SEA

SALT OPTICS have just released this captivating short on the ocean, narrated by none other than North Shore photographer Daniel Russo. Check it out below.

The ocean was Daniel Russo’s first love. Raised on Log Cabins Beach on the North Shore of Oahu, he first got his feet wet at a very early age. Growing up, his father taught him essential waterman skills, and he learned to always honor the ocean and to be wary of its unforeseeable path. This, in combination with self-taught photography skills, armed Daniel with the ability to share his experiences in the water with the world through motion and still photography.

Inspired by the raw coastline of the Hawaiian islands and its world class waves, Daniel travels frequently capturing images in locations such as Puerto Escondido, Pipeline and Cloudbreak. He embeds himself in the unfolding extreme elements of the ocean and finds peace while reacting to the constant change. 

Daniel currently lives on the North Shore, which continues to provide him with happiness and inspiration. Always seeking new adventure, he hopes to always remain inspired by his surrounding environment, and in the process, capture more timeless moments.