The Rolling Home Book

In the Spring of 2010 Lauren Smith & Callum Creasey bought a sorry looking Volkswagen T4 van. With a very small budget, a lot of imagination and some borrowed tools they slowly created their dream home.

Five years later, they've travelled over 80,000 miles across Europe in The Rolling Home and are now looking to release a book celebrating their adventures, full to the brim with photos, words and illustrations from their times on the road. The people they've met, the friendships they've found and the companionship they've shared in multiple countries and cultures. "We want to show how easy and inexpensive it is, all you need is a map and plenty of imagination. It IS for anyone".

The project is currently up on Kickstarter and with over 50% of their budget already achieved, there's still 3 weeks left to show your support and back the project right here.

You can find out more about Lauren & Callum through their company Stoked Ever Since, as well as their Rolling Home tumblr page here.