All Day All Night

"“All Day All Night” is a short documentary featuring legendary rapper Del the Funky Homosapien (Gorillaz, Deltron 3030, Hieroglyphics). We met in São Paulo in a skateboarding session where he talked about his struggle to improve his flatground ollie and music."

The film builds a parallel between his thoughts and the chaotic urban aesthetic of São Paulo.Those images came from the b-rolls of the upcoming documentary “Concrete Poetry” that narrates the birth of São Paulo underground hip-hop movement set to be realised in 2017.

DIRECTOR - Del and Hooligans
DOP - Tavinho Costa
PRODUCER - Pity (Talita Guessi) and Deborah Di Cianne
MUSIC - Antfood

Please Meet , Jordy Maxwell

I'm a 27 year old electrician. Living in Perth, Western Australia. I live 45minutes from the beach, and usually conditions are not very good, so I have to force myself to be creative sometimes with what I shoot. I like shooting unsaturated, cropped, minimalist images. I like trying to find the art in an image and create a mood, and I think that reflects how I'm feeling at that point in my life.
I'm engulfed in the style of surfing. Single fins are my preferred choice to surf and to shoot. Something so elegant and graceful about capturing a single fin flowing down the line. I am addicted to style and the surf culture.
I have a van, with a bed in the back, and often find myself going down south of Western Australia, (Margies, yallingup, Denmark) with my dog and finding secluded places under the stars to spend the night. The rugged and raw beaches and coastline makes for some beautiful images.

I shoot in Perth and down south mostly and currently I'm located in Exmouth, North Western Australia, where there is a vast difference in colours and vibes.

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Pleas meet, Toby .

My name is Toby Butler; I am 19 years old and am a surf lifestyle photographer that’s based in the South West of the UK. After a couple years of college, I realized that I needed to get out in the real world and fully commit if I wanted to make this lifestyle happen. I needed to travel and experience different ways of taking in this world we live amongst. My main goal has always been to document adventures. To capture a series of images that I am then able to combine to create a visual story. I was introduced to a lifestyle next to the ocean from a young age and since then have slowly grown up looking for adventures alike. I chase the experiences that come with being out in the wild and have become bent on trying to shine a light on different lifestyles that intrigue me, it’s a simple life and I wouldn’t have it any way else.


Instagram: @tobybutlerphoto


"Three Streets to Berlin" by Volcom

Volcom presents ’Three Streets to Berlin’, a Real Life Happening skate pursuit, June 27-29, Berlin, Germany, in collaboration with Bright Tradeshow.

Three spots, three tricks, three days, one winner. 8000€ prize money!

Entrants will be informed on Monday 27 June at 9am of the location of the three Berlin spots chosen for the contest.

They will have three days to skate these spots and post their best trick submission on Instagram tagging with #Volcom3Streets2Berlin.

Deadline for posts is Thursday 29 June, 4pm. The three trick clip submissions need to include one trick at each of the three spots.

The 8000€ winner will be announced at the Three Streets To Berlin Boat Party on Thursday 29 June, at the Hopetosse, located next to the Bright tradeshow.

Entries are limited, sign up early:

Full info to be revealed later on



Three Streets To Berlin Boat Party

Wednesday 29 June, 6.30pm

@ Hopetosse

Eichenstraße 4,12435 Berlin

Gone Surfing By Bleu Noir

The French Tattoo crew "Bleu Noir " got the nice idea to draw on Surfboards insteed of skin and they having an artshow on the 10th of june at their new Gallery in Biarrtiz, France . Come Join us !

Featuring artwork by SupaKitch, Jeykill, Veenom, Violette, Franck Pellegrino, Carricondo Stephane, Mast Cora, Little Madi , Koralie.

 Bleu Noir 4 Avenue Voltaire à Biarritz.

A postal card from Jordan Rodin

"Well it all started at home in Perth Western Australia surfing summer puss waves so me and josh decided to hit Margaret river for a few waves where the waves were actually bigger then 1 foot. After a few days down south I decided to hit Indo with Reiss we got real fun waves in Bali both east and west coast. After a few days hanging in canggu we decided to fly over to sumbawa, everyone got hell waves. Was good times." Jordan.

Photographers josh Delamotte , Reiss laurenson