The Valley of Death and Life: SCARLET IBIS



Valley of Death. That is how Cubatão became famous in the early 80’s after being considered the world’s most polluted city according to the UN. Very odd cases of children born with anencephaly and other malformations began to spread. Apparently that was not the case of Akira Shiroma. A shy and observer-type little boy that has found in skateboarding his instrument of creation, freedom and escape. 

Valley of Life. The degradation caused by the irresponsible industrialisation at large-scale around Cubatão had deeply impacted on its forests. However, nature always find a way to reinvent itself. Near to death mangroves started breathing again, and they became an unexpected outlying colony to a very special bird: Scarlet Ibis.

This video was put on hold after the crew was robbed while shooting it. All the equipment had been stolen by underage burglars from Perequê’s Waterfall, a natural and spiritual Akira’s refuge.

However, more than a pain in the ass for everyone involved with this production, that robbery represents, both real and metaphorically, the history of pro skateboarder Akira Shiroma.


A film by Fabiano Rodrigues

Directed by Filipe Zapelini

Supported by VOLCOM